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AT first

Founded in July 2002, cgm2 is active in the graphic communications industry. Thanks to the quality of its creative work, its speed of execution and its expertise, cgm2 has carved out an enviable place with government, public and private institutions. cgm2 has been entrusted and has carried out various campaigns, ranging from creative projects to the production of large-scale events.

Pledge & Loyal partnership

Efficient and creative

Design, development and art direction of advertising campaigns, corporate signatures and identities/images, promotional items, ambiance decor and web sites. That is what cgm2 is renowned for! With the appropriate communication objectives and budgetary controls in place, cgm2 is recognized to bring to fruition the projects it undertakes.


cgm2 relies on the loyal support of longstanding partners and suppliers. cgm2 can count on media placement, printing, photography, translation and editing and video, audio and web programming specialists to deliver quality products.